Chicago Music Themed House Pin - Vintage Handmade Artisan Piece


Delightful artisan-made Chicago and music-themed house brooch. White-painted wooden back with a pasted-on north Chicago map, overlaid with plastic music, X, and sunglasses charms. Signed by the artist, Lawrence K. Rhoads, with a handwritten inscription on the back: "Musically they were made for each other. Ellen loved the way he played the spoons and Richard loved the way she yodeled!" (c) 1991 by Lawrence K. Rhoads.

I couldn't find much on Mr. Rhoads, other than he is a mixed media artist who exhibited at craft fairs in the the late 1980s and the 1990s. I found him on Facebook (it's evident that it's him, because of the beautiful header on his page) but it may be that he isn't currently active. Here's hoping he starts producing lovely pieces again!